This is a model for a solitary hideout. Here for a moment we can escape the many stimuli we are exposed to continuously.

Of course, being cut off from our familiar level of sensory impressions, we may also quickly arise to a feeling of entrapment or isolation within in ourselves. Again, there seems to be a certain balance, a certain rate, that we can stand. Our whole consciousness is constructed through our senses. Does sharpening them mean, we would get a bigger picture of reality?

Still, everybody occasionally feels the urge of hiding somewhere. This romantic feeling of solitude. The famous painting, Der Wanderer im Nebelmeer by Casper David Friedrich, might come to mind. It reflects our longing for a brief escape from all the shops, cafes and daily routines quite well. Just like Jack Kerouac explains in his short essay Alone on a Mountaintop:

"Well, boy, now we're gonna put ya away where we can't reach ya - you better get ready."
"It's just what I want, Andy, be alone for three solid months nobody to bother me."

Kerouac, Jack: Lonesome Traveler, NewYork, 1960

He is describing his experiences as a fire lookout in Mount Baker National Forest. This means living for three months in a little shack on top of a hill, fittingly called Desolate Mountain. He goes up there because he is fed up by his bustling life in New York.

No man should go through life without once experiencing healthy, even bored solitude in the wilderness, finding himself depending solely on himself and thereby learning his true and hidden strength. – Learning, for instance, to eat when he´s hungry and sleep when he´s sleepy.

Kerouac, Jack: Lonesome Traveler, NewYork, 1960