This pair of glasses is designed to shut off sensory impressions for a moment. By preventing one from the ability to see or hear, it is depriving our most commonly used channels for connection to the outside world.

Of course, being cut off from our familiar level of sensory impressions, we may also quickly arise to a feeling of entrapment or isolation within in ourselves. Again, there seems to be a certain balance, a certain rate, that we can stand. Our whole consciousness is constructed through our senses. Does sharpening them mean, we would get a bigger picture of reality?

Sometimes, we just need to filter out some of the confusing white noise of sensory impressions. Evolutionary, we are still at a level in which we could cope better with forests and rivers. Instead, we have cars, mobile phones and flashing lights. The technical development is happening a bit too fast. Do we need some kind sensory filter to prevent us from going insane?