investigating boredom

Reconsidering boredom in times of a prevailing overload of stimulations, impulses and information

Nowadays we live in a world that constantly feeds us with information, stimuli and impulses. This continuous stream leaves us no room for processing and organizing these notions into our neuronal network. Consequently we might need a tool or device that temporarily cuts us loose, endowing us with a ritual of interim.


Could boredom help us cope better with our lives, feel more in charge and make the world move a bit slower?


1. Why boredom? 2. Investigating boredom 2.1. Objects of boredom a. Equal Dice b. Marble Game c. Sitting Cube d. Hourglass e. Marble Game II f. Music Box g. Motion Light h. Mobile i. Colouring Book j. Kendama k. Cradle l. Shed m. Blinkers n. Yo-Yo o. Fountain 2.2 Aspects of boredom a. Captivity b. Predictability c. Subchallenge d. Sensory Deprivation e. Routine f. Surfeit 3. Do we need more boredom? 3.1. Boredom as an important part of creativity 3.2. As an alternative to overproduction and increase of desires 4. Further outlook