This is a Yo-Yo with a string, that is too long to pull it back up in the right moment. This feature makes it utterly frustrating.

Most of the time, we do not live in the moment. We live in the past, reflecting and reconsidering. Or we live in future, through planning our next actions, days and weeks. We therefore imagine a certain branch of future, an ideal version, where everything goes right. But sometimes life plays in a different direction. Things turn out differently than we expect them to. This causes frustration.

I do not want to come up with some be happy about what you have-advice, but is it not interesting that we usually expect things to go our way? In our consciousness, we always are the hub of everything. Surely, life is a story told from a first person perspective. But we also know that the universe itself does indeed circulate around something else. So, perhaps before we get frustrated, fed up or annoyed, we should sit back and remember this notion.