Sitting Cube

This is a sitting cube. Its balance between seatable and uncomfortable makes it perfect to feel bored, without the risk of becoming too idle.

Still, an important factor of becoming bored is a certain level of convenience. It is rather unlikely to grow bored while running for your life or, a bit less severe, for not missing a train. It is boring though, when you are on that train, seated, waiting to arrive. Even if the enviroment is warm and cozy, one might feel captivated in this little wagon. Which is lacking in variety, except for the changing landscape outside the window.

So, where is that narrow line between comfort and anxiety? And why canĀ“t we just be satisfied by watching the changing landscape? When oftentimes, the varying scenery is entertaining enough. Perhaps boredom can also be seen as a form of collecting energy. Or as Walter Benjamin once quoted:

Boredom is the threshold to great deeds.

Benjamin, Walter: The Arcades Project, [D2,7], 1982