This is a Kendama toy. Usually, the challenging principle is to catch an object with another object, joined by a string. In this case, a simple mechanism consisting of a weight on one end of the string, makes it very likely to suceed and therefore derrides its purpose.

Again, where is the fine line between undemanding and too complex?

We usually want to manifest the best possible outcome. And this is not only correct when referring to the very ambitious. Especially if we are passionate about something. Today, many people have the freedom of actually liking what they are doing. Work is not only something you clock in and out of, it is a personal fulfillment. This has a dark side. The lines between work and our private lives become blurred. And the pressure we put on ourselves increases. This can be the source of mental disorders as burnout-syndrome.

So, maybe we should remember that in many cases we ourselves, determine the standards of what success truly is.