Marble Game II

This is a tiny model of a hill where a marble is to be pushed up over and over again. This should vaguely exemplify the fatigue the mythological figure Sisyphus must feel in his eternal punishment.

Sisyphus was punished by the gods by having to roll a boulder up a hill. As soon he reaches the top, the boulder rolls down again. This penalization is worsened, since he has to carry out this task for eternity.

With the advantage of eventual release, people become fed up with going to work, school or uni everyday. It is a funny thing. Whether we sit around with nothing to do, waiting, or if we have to fulfill an unpleasing task, we never seem to be satisfied. Ultimatey, we are fed up by having to roll our very own boulder up a hill.

We must imagine Sisypuos happy, concludes Albert Camu his famous essay.

Camus' optimistic outlook is that Syssiphus is able to carry out his task with no worry as soon as he accepts his fate. At least he has direction in a world full of disorientation. Though, perhaps it is not the most pleasant perspective, it might be a way to deal with monotony.