Colouring Book

This is a colouring book with especially simple motifs. For colouring it the only thing needed ist a piece of black coal. Filling it out should resemble a task, that is of such low mental and creative demand, that you instantly get bored.

If a situation is highly undemanding, we tend to loose interest in it. We become distracted by basically everything. Boredom might also be seen as a status when your attentional system is not operating at its usual capacity. This can happen when something is sub challenging you, as well as when you are overstrained. Then our mind starts to wander. Almost like it is leaving your body. Daydreaming can be a very nice occupation.

Nonetheless, since everything is moving faster and faster, we sometimes cant even finish a two minute video on the web we started watching for some reason. Why can we not even withstand concentrating for two minutes sometimes. Maybe we could if we tried to focus a bit more on what we are doing, even if it is just doing the dishes or riding on a train.

On the other side, sometimes it seems like we get caught up in situations to often, that actually are pretty pointless when considered closer. If we do not enjoy these, perhaps we should listen to our feeling and quit them. Not in the means of, if you hate it, quit your job, go party. Rather when you find yourself clicking through boring videos and websites, instead of doing what you were originally supposed to. Would it then not make more sense to just get done the unpleasant thing instead of wasting time with something slightly less annoying? And, if not, at least do something truly delightful?