De-Claration of Fairtales



It is nice to have a lot of things. But is it though? It means a lot of organising and cleaning up. And at some point it means throwing away, when nothing fits in anymore or we lost interest. Then it lands in the rivers, flows into the sea and consequently ends up in a big swirl or around the neck of a turtle.

So let us pause for a moment and think if we really need to buy, consume or purchase that new, better whatever.



Nobody is perfect and nobody ever will. And this is perfectly alright. Let us make some mistakes, so we can learn from them.
Because this would be the only unforgivable mistake.



High speed might be a lot of fun, but to maintain it we burn a lot of energy. Within the last century we constantly accelerated. Live fast are the first words of an often quoted line and anybody knows how it ends. If separated from its ironical wit, it carries a mournful truth.

Let us hit the breaks, slow down a bit and continue at a reasonable speed.



Often to dissuade or put you of something, people will tell you to grow up, be reasonable or stop dreaming. Whenever this is said, you are probably on the right trace.

People want you to become as they are, no matter if this would actually be a good for you. Please let us bare that in mind and always remain a critical ear towards what elderly people tell us to be or to do.



From early on we get taught that it is one against another. That the ones who show merit and effort will rise and the idle and lazy will fail. And that the best way to help others is to help yourself. A logical consequence would be to use our elbows to make our way to the top.

But what if we put our hands out instead and help each other up? We could share the effort. And the idleness as well.



We have to stop using simple standards on complex issues. Of course it is nice to identify and orientate, but this must not happen if it leads mostly to exclusion and and a world in greyscale.

Let us become more diverse, colourful and open to new ideas instead.