The universal library of fairtales

Welcome to our humble library and excuse the scarce offer at the moment since we are still cleaning up selecting and rearranging some things. But, anyway, make yourself comfortable in our easy chair and take a closer look on what we have on display so far. If you are interested in a book, simply touch the cover and enjoy to bury yourself in it



Old but gold – some unforgettable classics


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll

A little girl is so fed up up by its bourgeois lifestyle and flees more or less intentional underground into a world of the greatest nonsense you could possibly imagine. There she is meeting a variety of very inspiringly peculiar creatures and having a very marvellous time. Told through the voice of a narrator baring a wonderfully ironical wit, it promotes the reader to questions all kind of clichés and take a close look behind their own horizon.


Emil and the Detectives

Erich Kästner

This novel of a boy taking his destiny in his own hands is a parable of what little children can archive if they help each other. While addressing different topics as poverty, social injustice and civil courage and by being one of the first examples of children’s literature that is written in a realistic non-moralising language, it takes the reader on a wild ride through the Berlin of the 1920s.



Leo Lionni

One field mouse ist not behaving just as the others. While the rest of its family is busy collecting grains and straw to fill up their stock for winter, himself is sitting around idly doing seemingly nothing. But eventually it turns out to be a different attempt to life. This little book is a call to take courage to try something different.



Michael Ende

A mysterious girl with the ability to listen, needs to leave her amphitheatre home to rescue the world from the evil plan of the grey men. A group of dull bankers that persuade the village people to invest in a currency far more precious than money. This book is amongst others giving instruction how to manage complex tasks. Spoiler alert: One step by another.


Moominpappa's Memoirs

Tove Jansson

A marvellous biography of the notorious father of Moomin. Encouraging to emancipate oneself of a desolate situation, trick giants into jumpstarting you and take brave trip. To learn certain words of wisdom as to not to rescue a bossy bureaucrat from being eaten and not to collect too many things that do not fit into a backpack until you meet that charming special one carrying a handbag.


The Trip to Panama


A tiger and a bear live happily in their house next to the big tree until they find a paper box smelling of bananas with the title Panama written on it. So they agree, this must be the place. Everything has to be bigger and shinier over there. On their way they meet all kind of people who are trying to conceal their ignorance by giving wrong directions. Unknowingly they end up at the beginning, with the realisation that right here it is just perfect.


A few interesting booklists


White ravens catalogue

Internationale Jugendbibliothek

A Selection of International Children‘s and Youth Literature that aims to promote quality in children's book publishing and has become an increasingly useful tool for anyone interested in looking beyond national borders.



Institut für Situationsansatz

Children books that are aware of not producing prejudices and foster inclusivity.



A signage for children books that promote diversity.